lash training

Cindy Olivas


Cindy Olivas was raised, and still currently living in San Diego.

Cindy began her career as a makeup artist;  a few years after she started as a lash artist and little did she know she had found her niche and fell in love with the beauty and art of lashing.  At first, she only applied Classic Lashes, the she learned Volume Lash application and got very artistic with hybrid looks, wispy lashes and even bottom lash extensions.

 She decided to take all experience, knowledge and secrets and share them with new aspiring to be lash artists at Prestige Beauty Studio.  

As a lash artist she knows many women neglect themselves in return for caring for their families, but having gorgeous lashes is one thing that makes them feel beautiful and women are powerful when they feel beautiful! 

She feels such an honor to be able to give that gift to our clients every day.  What matters most is helping others and making them feel beautiful and that what it’s all about!

As a lash instructor, she knows her students will get to give the clients the same power of beauty.  Cindy says "I want my girls to know they will learn every tip and trick from lashing and business in this career as a lash tech.."  she loves being a lash trainer because she can dedicate all the time and effort to the students is such a moment!

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